1. thisisthebig7 said: U and Evan are the best photographers on the world !

    Evan is the reason I shoot. He put a camera in my hand when I first moved to SF


  2. 1undred said: Your pictures are great man! Definitely one of my favorites with a camera 📷👌

    Thanks homie


  3. keithmontero said: Never been to SF but gonna make it out there later this year, if I bring a 12 pack you down to link up & shoot or wuttt



  4. sosupereliphoto said: What's the biggest hurdle for you in photography and how do you overcome it.. Or is it a constant struggle?

    its a consent struggle. people think the more “followers” you have or “likes” you get on a pic makes it easy but nah. at the end of the day i enjoy what i do and that all that matter. who am i trying to impress? NO ONE


  5. alrlo said: Hey man, I'm another 16 year old photographer that's inspired by your work. Keep killing man! The amount of progress you have made in the past year is amazing! I'm a true fan



  6. marcus-rucus said: Any video or anything you recommend on searching just to get the hang of Lightroom? I'm about to get my computer and stuff but don't know anything about editing on a computer. I've been editing my DSLR on my iPhone

    i would usually hit up youtube “how to use lightroom” or ” how to use lightroom and make me millions” something like that. but i watch the food network i find my inspiration on that. 


  7. slydawgchris said: Ofcourse, but I doubt your in AZ haha

    Helllllla NAH i mean i was in AZ once or twice its cool but I’m in San Francisco currently come through with a 30 rack or bottle of Whiskey  


  8. slydawgchris said: Where do you live?

    why you wanna hang out?


  9. strykerkhaos said: Hey man, big fan of your work! I was curious to ask, how do you approach your models with an idea you have?

    hmmm usually i ask them if they wanna take flicks straight up don’t beat around the bush and tell em you will get them some pizza and beer. idk anyone that turned down some free pizza and beer i know i wouldn’t


  10. 8xball said: I know you say it doesn't matter about getting seen and likes and shit, but if you have any, I would still like to hear your advice on how to...

    its tuffffff man i know. but networking is key idk how many people i hit up when i first started and how many times i god turned down or got the “we will work in the future” it sucks but you just gotta keep at it and that one door will open up for you and just start killin it from there.


  11. 4thstrike said: I'm in LA for the first time this weekend.. Any spots you recommend?

    i wish i knew all the spots in LA i don’t live there. But find a building you want find the fire escape and good luck


  12. evanxnavarro said: Any advice for a 16 yr old like myself that is serious and trying to get in the photography game?

    read that long ass paragraph i wrote to another 16yr old. y’all next keep killin it


  13. amylouisemilton said: whats up ? hows the weather ?

    pretty good. it says 64 degrees but feels like 80


  14. lets talk ask me something 


  15. unddone said: heyy! i'm crazy about photography (i'm inspired by you) and i really want to go ahead with it. but i'm only 16 and have an iphone... how do you think i should start?

    You are already ready. start with your iPhone. if you look back at my feed on Instagram i used to shoot with nothing but an iPhone 4 and then a iPhone 5 what i currently have. it wasn’t till about September of last real until i was able to buy my very first camera. What tools you have isn’t gonna make you good. imagine if you were able to pick out whatever camera you wanted you think the camera is going to make you shoot better? the answer is no. its your eye thats gonna makes the picture how you look at things and the perceptive you look at them. Yea having a good camera does help out in certain situations but its not gonna make you a better photog. just use your phone take A LOT of picture of whatever YOU think looks good. don’t worry about what people think or say about your work as long as YOU enjoy it and are having fun while doing it thats all that matter.